30 April 2009

Busy busy

It seems that every time I come back to Steelhead or Winterfell, I see more Jägerkin than the last time. I have now met another Jägerfrau, her name is Molly Steampunk. Hoo! She looks like a good hunter!

I got mistaken for a GIRL again, in der Hut. This did not happen so much back in Europa. They say perhaps that my name is too much like a girl's name. But it is my name, so I will just correct people as politely as I can (without throwing things is polite, ja?)

02 December 2008


I came on for the first time in awhile today, and found out that Steelhead Port Harbor had been finished! Hoooooo! I also met someone with the same last name as me. I wonder if Fraulein Amandyne and I are related somehow? Anything seems to be possible here. I also talked more with Doktor Sweetwater, who is a very nice Jägerfrau who is fairly new to the grid also.

Hmm hmm. The more I stay in Steelhead, the more I like it here.

I miss Europa, though.

02 October 2008

More pictures

Another photoshoot with Frau Poppy! I saw more Jägerkin than ever since coming to the Grid. And all of us with our shirts off, including the womens. Hehe. This is the best fun assignment, besides the dancing. And the fighting.

21 September 2008

Denzink unt soch

The Consulate Anniversary in Steelhead has been going on all weekend, and unfortunately I've only been able to make it to one of the dances. Fortunately, it was a good one! I danced with lots of pretty girls, like Frau Poppy and Fraulein Skytower and Fraulein Kamenev.

There is a picture of me dancing with Frau Poppy. She is a good dancer and she takes good photos also.

17 September 2008

Oh ho

Today I was involved in a photoshoot with Herr Veles and Herr Greegar, taken by the illustrious Frau Poppy.

You better watch out, or we will steal all of your womens. ;)

16 September 2008

Schteelhead, ahoy!

Since the last time I wrote, I've met both the Vice Consul to Europa, Frau Annechen Lowey, and the Consul, Herr Baron Klaus Wulfenbach. There are a lot of nice people in Steelhead, and I am now an official Schteelhead Jäger! Hoo!

Herr Greegar also gave me a nice hat. It is a good day.

14 September 2008


Today, I went wandering about Steelhead, not expecting to see anyone, really (I have the worst luck finding people!) and I ran into a Fraulein Eugenia Burton. She was very good-looking and very nice. I told her she looked like a pretty Jägerfrau, and she told me that she was Djinn. I had never met a Djinn before today! She showed me around Steelhead and told me of other Jägerkin in the area. And then, she asked the Steelheaders to make me an honorary citizen of their town!

I talked to other Jägerkin via the inter-modulary communication device, but I could only hear them, I could not see them in person.

The more I explore this world, the more I am enjoying it.